Authentic Health boxing will take you from complete novice through to being able to throw a series of combinations. Boxing is popular amongst all ages and a great way for everyone to stay fit without the impact of other cardiovascular activity like running. Our boxing classes are completely safe way for you to learn the skill of boxing without the need to ever get in the ring, we box to stay fit.


Benefits Of Incorporating Boxing Into Your Training;

      • Improved stamina and heart health.
      • Enjoyable, adds variety to your training week.
      • Confidence.
      • Increased metabolic rate due to the added training intensity
      • Learn new motor skills and improve hand eye coordination



Don’t have a boxing partner? That’s absolutely fine (most new people don’t). We pride ourselves in having a welcoming community where you will meet everyone before being paired up with someone of a similar skill level to you. We will also have gloves available for anyone who doesn’t have their own.


Essendon Boxing Class