Semi-Private Personal Training

Do you like everything personal training offers like a thorough assessment, personalised program, working with a coach, and the nutritional and recovery protocols? Semi-private personal training is where you can get all that and more while working in a 4:1 environment.


✔️ Its personalised – that means your training meets you at your level. If you are results driven you want personalised training.

✔️ Value for money – Heaps of value at a fraction of the cost of personal training.

✔️ Small teams – While you will have your own program you are sharing a time with up to 3 others. That means a team of individuals cheering for you.

✔️ Coaching – Coaching gets you there quicker. Statistics show that people who seek the help of coaches are more successful and achieve their goal quicker.

✔️Accountability – Our sessions are appointment based and have check points during your week. Our structured program keeps you accountable.

Before going into a 60-minute semi-private training session we want to take the time to understand what you can and can’t do (yet). You will be assigned one of our experienced Authentic Health trainers as a mentor who will take you through the discovery session process and be there to help you every step of the way throughout your time at Authentic Health. In your semi-private personal training session you will have a personalised warm-up to begin with before going into the main body of your workout. While there are up to three other people in your session you are never going to feel like you’re without the guidance and support needed to maximise your training. The best thing about semi-private training is you get everything you get from personal training but you also have like-minded people to support you, congratulate you on your personal bests and give you words of encouragement. Your session finishes with utilising breathing and stretching protocols to kickstart the recovery process before you part ways with your coach. Your mentor will be available through the use of the Trainerize app to answer any questions that might arise.