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Becoming Your Best Self


Your Best Self – Lifestyle Tips

What is ‘your best self’? I decided on this tag line for Authentic Health as my focus has always 100% been on helping people be their best self. I believe that exercise, when utilised correctly, has the ability to positively influence all areas of your life but being your ‘best self’ is more than just exercise. I first started to think and structure my own life using this thought system and then realised it was an effective method to use with clients as it gives me the ability to help people on a whole new level; a level far greater than just squats, deadlifts, and food protocols.  It helps the mother whose focus is to be the best role model and parent she can be. It helps the stressed out business exec who wants to reduce stress and improve their ability to manage their work load. It helps the athlete looking for that 5% advantage on the rest of the competition. It all revolves around helping people become completely happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

The first question I asked myself was what did I need to get out of my day in order to be happy, healthy and fulfilled? At that point I was training 2 hours every day, and while for some people that might make them happy, healthy and fulfilled, I felt for me I needed so much more. Through lots of reading and self-discovery I started writing down everything that made me feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled. After great thought (and after reading Dr Demartini’s book on values) I then started to categorise these into different values. For example running fell under health and wellbeing, so did meditation and walks with my partner fell under family etc. By the end of this I had a list of things that I loved. Everything was categorised and I could start to see clearly what it was that I valued, and made me happy, healthy, and fulfilled. I narrowed this down even more to 5 things that if I did every day to the best of my ability I would feel happy, healthy and fulfilled. This influenced both my physiology, and psychology positively and gave me the best chance to succeed with my life purpose – helping people be the best version of themselves and be a great family man.   Once I had defined my values, I narrowed my focus to what I wanted to achieve in order to be the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled version of myself. I could then focus on my life purpose. This helped me focus my attention on my goals, plan out my day, and even some days be at peace if I achieved nothing more than my 5 ‘best self’ tasks.   An example of this is how I used the Authentic Health, Best self-method.

5 things I need to achieve daily:

  • 45 minutes of any exercise
  • 15 minutes a day of meditation
  • 30 minutes unplugged (no electronics) walking the dogs with Talysha
  • Healthy first meal
  • 1 hour of reading

When I achieved these things I found I was far more centered and effective as a partner, coach, and friend. I found these things fell under common categories demonstrating what I value most which is health, personal development, family and career. From here it becomes very easy to set both your short term, and long term goals and go about achieving them with clarity, passion, and excitement.


  • Write down things that you love doing
  • Categorise these things into different categories such as family, health and wellbeing, career etc.
  • Choose 5 things that you think you would be able to achieve every day
  • Do these 5 things every day and you are on your way to becoming your best self!