woman performing core exercise

5 Core Exercises You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere.


There are so many great ways you can target your core, if you have access to gym equipment then perfect but what about if you are home any want a quick ten minute circuit or like us here in Melbourne Australia where you are still in lockdown with gyms closed and covid restrictions limiting how far you can travel.

5 Core Exercises You Can Do Anywhere Anytime

The five core exercises pictured during our video incorporate both flexion based core movements and extension based core movements. Please note that if you experience back pain when your spine is in flexion avoid;

  • Reverse Crunch (exercise one)
  • Crossover Jacknife (exercise three)

If you are someone who experiences back pain during extension based movements than please avoid;

  • Plank With Towel Rotation (exercise two)
  • Bird Dog into tuck (exercise four)
  • Dead Bug (Exercise five)

As mentioned later in the video, learning to breathe and brace effectively with your core movements is essential. Taking a inhale through your nose as you eccentrically load your abdominal muscles, and exhaling through your mouth as you go through the concentric phase of the exercise.

An example of this would be during exercise one the reverse crunch take a big breathe in through your nose as you go to bring hips off the floor and your knee’s to your elbows. As you slowly load your abdominal muscles and return to your starting position slowly exhale through your mouth.