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5 Tips To Raising Your Awareness And Achieving Your Goals Without Meditation


Authentic Health is coming up to two full years in Essendon, in that time would you believe we have worked with over 250 people (crazy I know). Everyone that comes to us is seeking a result of some kind, they have a goal in mind and its our job as coaches to first understand that goal so we can be sure we are the right people to help them achieve that goal..

Did you know there are EXACTLY 10,080 minutes in a week, of those 10,080 minutes we work with clients on average for about 120 minutes per week thats 1.19%. Not a lot of time right?

In that time with your coach your time is broken up mostly between your physical training, and discussing nutritional and lifestyle challenges in order to form new habits. The rest of the time your coach will do their best to be following up with you and overseeing your training and nutrition.

What we tend to find though is there is a lot of time in the week your coach cant do anything for you, its really up to you.We know our clients who are super successful have great awareness of their goals for many of those 10,080 minutes in the week and most of their decision making is made with their goals in mind.

Those that are often not as successful are not unsuccessful because they deliberately try to fail BUT more so due to awareness. They are often super stressed and in survival mode which makes it hard to have success when your only really aware of your goals for 1.19% of the week that your with your coach.

What you need to achieve your ideal level of health and fitness is spending your days with your goals front of mind, so we are going to share with you our 5 tips to raise your level of awareness;

  • Create & recite a mantra – For those that are not aware a mantra is word or sentence thats repeated during meditation’s. I believe having a mantra that you recite when you awake and is throughout your day helps us focus on what we are trying to achieve. Personally I have used them as alarms in my phone that go off during my day, I have written them on my mirror in the bathroom, and on my fridge at home. This is a personal favourite and a game changer 🙂
  • Unplugged Walking – Meditation is known as a huge game changer for raising our level of awareness but for many people the struggle is to much. What I love for my clients is recommending time walking unplugged, that means no music, no podcasts, i’d strongly recommend leaving the phone at home. Pay attention to your thoughts without allowing them to emotionally charge you, feel what the ground feels like on your feet, listen to your body can you feel pain, tightness, or even any itches your hair blowing in the wind.
  • Just Breathe – Before you think this is where I recommend you meditate its not.. Just breathe and ask yourself before you eat EVERY meal ‘Does this meal fit with what I want for my life’ is something I done to raise my awareness around my nutrition. I found I would often eat foods that once I finished I’d be disappointed with myself and by asking myself this it gave me time to make a conscious decision around my food choices.
  • Keep A Journal – Keeping a journal is one highly effective way we can raise our awareness around our nutritional choices, our training, and even how we are feeling. This is one of the most popular tools used around the world today for self awareness and comes with an array of other benefits.
  • Ask For Help – Often people trying to change their health and fitness feel isolated like they are on their own doing this. We recommend you reach out to those around for help, ask your husband or wife, housemate, or children to ask your questions like ‘hows it going with your training’ or ‘what favourite recipes are you using at the moment for your weight loss’. These subtle questions are like cues that create conscious awareness and can go a long way to helping you achieve success.

I hope these 5 Tips and tricks to higher achieving a higher level of awareness around your goals help bring you closer to your goal. If your currently struggling in this department try implementing one even on a small scale and grow from there.

Yours In Health & Fitness

Chris Dawson

(Head Coach)

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