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Movement Monday – Front Squat


“This week for ‘Movement Monday the day we break down the details of a specific lift we are bringing you the front squat. As with all barbell exercises this one requires some time and attention working on the technique. Its often under-utilised in your commercial gyms predominately because it requires leaving the ego at the door, lifting less weight and working on your positioning. So what are the steps to performing a front squat? how do I hold the bar? and what muscles does it target are just some of the points we are going to give to you on this Movement Monday.”

Front Squat Technique

The front squat is a great place to start for anyone looking to incorporate barbell squats in to their program.

  1. With our rack position we teach one of two positions (as pictured). The first is the arms crossed rack position and the easier of the two, and the second is olympic lifting rack position where the bar rests on the deltoids, fingertips supporting the bar, palms and elbows pointing forward.
  2. We are looking to traditionally set up with our feet hip to shoulder width apart. Our toes pointing roughly 5 degrees outwards keeping in mind the wider the stance you take with your feet the further outwards you will want to point your toes.
  3. Keeping your rib cage connected to your pelvis take a breathe deep in to your diaphragm and engage your core prior to lifting the bar.
  4. Begin the movement by shifting your hips slightly back and then aim for maximal hip and knee flexion.

Couple key tips;

  • Aim to keep knee’s slightly pushed outwards
  • Only squat to a depth your hips are comfortable with (use box where required).
  • Exhale as you drive from the bottom of the squat.
Front Squat

Muscles Utilised In The Front Squat

Front squats work all of our prime movers when it comes to lower body muscles. As is the case with all squats the quadriceps and the glutes are your dominant muscles when the exercise is performed well. Secondary to that you will find the erectors, abdominals, and even the upper back will work hard to assist during the exercise

How To Incorporate Front Squat Into Your Program

Front squat’s are super versatile effective using an array of repetition ranges. For beginners who have never held a barbell in a front rack position lifting heavy can be difficult and take some getting used to. We recommend the first time you front squat starting light and getting comfortable under the bar. As for when to utilise this lift in your program you can use it 1 to 2 times per week usually while your legs are relatively fresh.

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