Tom Hildebrand

Tom is dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for clients. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your performance or someone just starting out on their fitness journey, Tom is excited to help you reach your goals.

Tom loves all sports and enjoys watching and analysing how athletes prepare, train and perform. He has over 15 years’ experience as an athlete and coach of Australian Rules Football and is enthusiastic about helping athletes of all levels and sports improve their game with a particular interest in developing strength, power, and speed.

Studying for six years at Victoria University, Tom has degrees in both Exercise Science and Psychology and is committed to help you make positive changes to your physical and mental wellbeing. He understands the value and importance of enjoying your training and how that can impact your goals.

If you are determined to make a positive change to your lifestyle and performance as well as getting the most out of your training book in your free consultation with Tom to find out how to get started today.


Bachelor of Exercise Science & Human Movement (Victoria University)

Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Victoria University)

CPR & First Aid