Personal Training

Personal Training at Authentic Health Studio

We understand that not everyone is looking for group training sessions, which is why we have designed one of the best personal training programs in the Essendon, Moonee Ponds, Niddrie area.

We offer a safe and friendly environment with highly skilled personal training professionals to help you take charge of your fitness and achieve your goal.


What is included in your Personal Training Membership?

Our Personal Trainers 

Our Essendon personal trainers are here to help you! They are highly skilled, motivated and friendly. They understand genuine results are achieved through building strong relationships and displaying proven results.

All of our personal trainers are fully qualified and continue their education so they can better help you reach your goals. Read more about our personal trainers here.

STEP 1: Initial Fitness Assessment

During your initial fitness assessment we will discover where you are at this very moment and what your fitness ambitions are. 

We do this using various assessment criteria such as the Functional Movement Screen, the Beighton Score, as well as strength, flexibility and aerobic testing. A detailed questionnaire also enables us to get a clear picture of your lifestyle and the changes you want to make.

This information allows us to set clear goals and introduce new routines that set you up for success over the coming weeks and months.

STEP 2: Receive your program

Our coaches use the Trainerize app to record your personalised training session so you can keep track of your progress. 

Trainerize provides online workouts, in-app messaging, progress tracking and more.

As a valued member of Authentic Health, you will always be able to contact us through the app for any important questions.

You can download Trainerize here

STEP 3: Your first training session

In your 45 minute training session, the focus is all on you!

We will educate you about every phase of the program; from the crucial warm up stage, go through a personalised training routine, and then concluding with recovery protocols such as the importance of breathing and stretching.

Every four to five weeks we adjust your program, enhancing long term strength and fitness results whilst also combining  nutrition protocols.