Personal Training



Our Essendon gym has a personal trainer ready to help you achieve great results. We realise not everyone is ready or wants group training which is why we are renown for offering the best 1:1 personal training in Essendon.

So whether you’re someone who wants the comfort of training on their own in a friendly and safe environment or if you’re someone who wants professional, highly skilled personal training we can help you.

We Hire Awesome People First, And Educate Them To Be Great Personal Trainers

Great personal trainers understand that amazing results are achieved through building strong relationships, we value earning your trust.

You can expect as a personal training client you will go through our thorough discovery session process where we will assess what you are currently able to do using the Functional Movement Screen, Beighton score, and strength and aerobic testing (for those who require it). From there we will sit through a series of questions enabling us to get an understanding of your lifestyle and how you would like it to be different before setting clear goals and habits you want to focus on and achieve over the coming days and months.

In a 45 minute personal training session our focus will be on YOU. We will walk you through how to warm up, targeting areas of specific concern for you. Our coaches use the Trainerize app to record your personalised training session so you can keep track of your progress as we go. Every four to five weeks we adjust your programming, ensuring long term strength and fitness results while also tying in your nutrition and recovery protocols, so not only do you move your best but you look and feel great also. A session finishes with breathing and stretching to kick start the recovery process before you will part ways with your coach. Don’t panic though, as a valued member of Authentic Health, you will always be able to contact us through the Trainerize app for any important questions that might arise.

Our personal trainers are here to meet you where you are, and help you where you get want to go

Personal Training - Chris