Movement Monday – Deficit Split Squat


In week 2 of Movement Monday we have the unilateral exercise the deficit split squat. The Deficit Split squat in a moderate to advanced movement for when you have mastered exercises like the stationary split squat and reverse lunge and looking to challenge yourself with regards to your mobility and stability during lower body unilateral movements.

Predominant Muscles Utilised Performing Deficit Split Squats

With this lower body exercise you can expect to challenge all the major muscles in your lower body, these include your Gluteal muscles, Hamstrings, and Quadriceps. One of the major benefits of unilateral lower body exercises is the challenge it places independently on each leg, this helps fix asymmetries and gain greater levels of stability.

Deficit Split Squat Benefits

The muscles mentioned above are big players when it comes to lower body training. As we mentioned above split squats are great for ironing out asymmetries, variances from one side to the other especially through the gluteal muscles is a common problem with general population clients and one any split squat variation will help.

Who Should Deficit Split Squat?

Anyone and everyone no matter what level of training experience you have will benefit from adding split squat variations. We highly recommend being competent with reverse lunges at full ROM before progressing to the deficit variation.

How Often Should You Perform Split Squats?

We recommend for general population clients that are training 2-3 times per week including a split squat variation anywhere from 1 to 2 times per week.

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