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Best Home Workout Routine


Working out at home has many advantages: it’s convenient, there’s no anxiety, you don’t have to look the part or have professional equipment, plus it’s free. That said, you need to work out why you’re working out. The exercise routine you complete needs to achieve your goals. Finding the time, effort, and momentum to exercise is tricky enough – that last thing you want to do is spend all your energy on a counterproductive workout.

At Authentic Health, we are going to set you up for success by starting you on the path of least resistance. We are going to break the cycle of excuses and take the confusion out of what to do because we are going to demonstrate the best workout routine you can do at home.

Whether you’re a busy mum, juggling work from home with school runs, a student chained to their computer, or a senior whose life has become too sedentary, this beginners guide to home workouts is going to break down key exercises to make them achievable for everyone.

Good Timing Forms Great Habits

If a loved one asked you for 10 minutes of help 3 times per week, because it was going to greatly improve their life, you would do it, no questions asked. So why don’t you do it for yourself?

Organisation solves the time crunch in a heartbeat. If a 30-minute window is too much to ask, break it down to 3x 10-minute workout sessions. Also, 30-minutes of activity may be too much to ask of you initially, yet 10 minutes is achievable. It is crucial you set yourself a goal you can achieve. Not only are you building strength and tone, you are building confidence and the willingness to complete your fitness goals. You are creating a habit for success.

Starting Position

Everyone’s starting point is different. We want to create a home exercise program that suits the individual, so you will need to be honest with yourself. However, something everyone can do is to create a habit. Forget the 21-day myth, science believes it takes 66 days to form a new habit. Embrace that number, it’s approximately 2 months and really a perfect introductory period to move you from beginner to intermediate. Consistency to your exercise routine is how you guarantee to level up.

Authentic Health is here to put you on a health and fitness path for life. Break the mindset that you are going to reach your goals in 2 months and then abandon all your amazing work for your old ways. That’s the counterproductive thinking that got you here in the first place.

Home Workout For Beginners

Start easy and build up, not only will this prevent the risk of injury but it also helps with momentum. The easiest excuse to abandon a program is due to a lack of results.

Watch each video first and get a thorough understanding of the exercise before you complete it yourself.


An effective warm-up prepares you for your workout by warming up your muscles, speeding up your heart rate, and improving your overall body temperature.

Here are some examples of warm-up exercises: leg swings, shoulder/arm circles, walking stretching torso twists, standing side bends, lateral shuffle, butt kickers, knee bends, and ankle circles.

Core Workout

Core strength training specifically involves the muscles that support the abdominals, spine, and pelvis. By training your core muscles, you can improve your balance, stability, and reduce your risk of injury from everyday activities.

The best ab workouts include both flexion-based core movements and extension-based core movements. Always remember to breathe and brace effectively when performing the exercises.

Glute Workout

The greatest benefit of glute strength training is the reduction of lower back pain.

Glutes are the group of muscles that your body uses to bend and rotate the hip, as well as extend the leg at the knee. These muscles, which are targeted during workouts such as lunges, also help you stabilise your legs as you walk or run.

Example of time-based training:
Working mum, Jane, only has 10-minutes every other day to work out. We recommend these reps and sets.

  1. 40 seconds of exercise then 20 seconds of rest, for 5 minutes straight
  2. Perform these reps for 5 different exercises
  3. Repeat each set twice

Cool Down

Stretching is an effective cool down as it allows you to relax and recover. Try shoulder stretches, hip-flexor stretches, cat-cow while on your hands and knees as well as child’s pose. Walking is also a great way to cool down.

Walking Rules

Walking is a great low-impact workout and can have numerous health benefits. Not only does it help strengthen muscles, bone density, support joints, but it also improves cardiovascular health, circulation, can reduce cholesterol, assist in weight loss, and can help ease depression among other things. Walking is one of the most accessible and affordable ways to get fit and healthy, and it comes with a range of additional benefits such as spending time outdoors, boosting your mood and energy levels.

Leaving Lockdown

A gentle reminder to be gentle with yourself as you leave lockdown. It has been a trying period for many of us in many different ways. Authentic Health is back into the swing of things at the studio and would welcome the opportunity to work with you to design an individual plan, reinforce best techniques and provide nutritional guidance if needed.

Everyone has different needs, priorities, and health concerns so it’s important to seek medical advice before working out from home. These videos demonstrate an example of what you can do from your home when you can’t get to the gym.

The Authentic Health Team are experts in fitness and can create a plan that includes a Working Out From Home routine, specifically suited to your goals and time constraints. Please Contact Us if you want detailed advice.

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