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Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is not typically a good news story. However, there is some good news if you want to lose that stomach fat which sits front and centre on your body. But it’s not some radical, extreme, quick fix solution. To transform your body you must also transform your mind. Extreme answers are not healthy

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Exercise Your Way To Increased Energy and Improved Mood

“Energy creates energy.” – Sarah Bernhardt It’s hard to feel energetic when you’re out of shape. Exercise increases stamina, strengthens muscles, and improves mood, all of which lead to more energy. So, if you could use more energy in your life (and couldn’t we all) you have to accept that initially, it’s going to take

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Focus On Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss

Weight loss is not the healthy approach if you need to burn excess energy, stored as fat, on your body. Weight loss and fat loss have become terms that we use interchangeably, however, technically they are not the same… and losing weight is counterproductive. We all say we want to lose weight when talking about

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How Many Steps A Day Does It Take To Lose Weight?

This often asked question, “How many steps should I walk each day to lose weight?” has a very conventional answer if you are looking for something quick and simple. 10,000 steps. Studies have shown this is the recommended target for adults to see health benefits. However, if you want to lose weight that target will

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Best Advice When Walking for Weight Loss

The beauty of walking for weight loss is that it is so accessible. It is an all-ages activity because of its low impact on the body, no special training or equipment is required, it can be done almost anywhere, and it costs nothing. Brilliant! However, while all of this makes walking sound like an easy

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7 Reasons A Personal Trainer Will Get Better Results Over DIY

In the information age, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to great workout videos, wellness resources and guidance on our fitness journey. Everything is at our fingertips: so why invest in a personal trainer over going it alone? Ironically, because everything is at our fingertips these days, access is not the struggle –

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