For Men

Create a fit, strong, lean, and pain-free body so that you’re ready for all of life’s challenges with Essendon’s experienced and down to earth coaches. It’s time to achieve the body you’ve always wanted, the energy you need, and the happiness you deserve by living the Authentic way.

Having worked with over 300 men over the past 10 years we know what is important when it comes to helping men achieve long-lasting results.

It’s no secret men don’t like to talk about how they feel but we sit down and listen to men every day who have had their confidence destroyed through excessive weight gain and poor lifestyle choices.

When it comes to training men we know they want different things to women, men traditionally want to carry muscle in different areas to women, they want to feel strong and masculine therefore needing to take a different approach to maximise their training and performance.

Common reasons men experience weight gain

There are a number of factors that attribute to men gaining weight especially throughout certain stages of life like as we enter our thirties and career and fatherhood become a large focus which can take time and attention away from staying fit, strong, and healthy. The main causes of fat gain for men include;

  • Diet
  • Stress
  • Sleeping Hygiene
  • Lifestyle factors re: smoking & alcohol consumption
  • Injuries & illness
Man performing weighted squat
personal training with chris

We are open! As per the Victorian Government Guidelines, we can accommodate 1 or 2 people with a personal trainer for outdoor training only.