For Women

Having worked with over 500 women over the past 10 years, we know what’s important when it comes to helping women achieve lasting results.

Women experience things with their body that men don’t and therefore need to take a slightly different approach to maximise performance.

What women can expect from working with an Authentic Health Coach:

  • A personalised program that takes into consideration your goals, your ability, and even your menstrual cycle so you can maximise energy and performance.
  • A coach who listens and understands the stubborn problem areas women experience. We take a holistic approach utilising a combination of strength & cardiovascular training principles to help you feel confident in your body.
  • A team who stays up to date with all the latest research on women’s health and fitness along with over 10 years worth of experience working with a variety of busy women who want to look and feel their best.
  • An understanding of what’s required to stay healthy before giving birth and how to regain your fitness postpartum.

Common reasons women experience weight gain

There are a number of factors that attribute to women gaining weight especially throughout certain stages of life like postpartum, and menopause. Others causes include;

  • Diet
  • Stress
  • Sleeping Hygiene
  • Lifestyle factors re: smoking & alcohol consumption
  • Injuries & illness


Woman before and after weight loss
Narelle before and after

Are You New To Motherhood?

We understand the unique challenges postnatal mothers have with regaining their fitness. Our personalised postnatal fitness programming helps you from that initial 6 weeks postpartum all the way through to 12 months in a family friendly, safe environment. Our 9:30am semi private training sessions are baby friendly meaning you can bring your little person if you’re not ready to let them leave your side.