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New Year, Improved You, New Members


Did you know that you are only a click away from the best version of yourself? A simple click away from the freedom, the fun, and the fearlessness of running towards life instead of hiding away?

Here come the excuses… STOP IT! There will always be an excuse not to prioritise yourself and trust us, we’ve heard every single one. Be Stronger Than Your Excuses! 💪

Life is better when you’re fit! You know it. We live it. And we can show it to you.

Authentic Health Studio, Essendon, is not going to sell you a one-size-fits-all exercise program. We’re going to meet you when you are, discover your strengths and concerns, understand your triggers and design a results-driven workout program that measures (sane) incremental (not mental) success. We are not fad, we are fitness for life.

The Offer Of A Lifestyle!

For a Limited Time Only we are offering NEW MEMBERS a crushing discount on an 8-week Personal Training or Semi-Private Personal Training program.

⏰ There has never been a better time!
💲 There has never been a better offer!
💪 There has never been a better reason!
💃 Because Life Is Better When You’re Fit!

Sign up for 8 weeks of Personal Training or Semi-Private Personal Training at Authentic Health Studio, Essendon, and you will receive a 50% discount off your first month.

Grab hold of this incredible offer with both hands before it ends on 31st January 2022.

At the conclusion of your 8-week training program, you are obligation-free and can stop at any time, provided you give us 2-weeks notification.

The Authentic Health Studio Promise

Starting is hard. We get it. So at Authentic Health we’re removing a big hurdle – cost; because the sooner you begin, the sooner the health benefits kick in. Consider the cost of not feeling fit and what that does to your mindset and long-term health. Wellness has never been more important, so invest in yourself.

We begin your program with a comprehensive Discovery Session to establish where you are right now and what your fitness goals are. A variety of assessment criteria, both physical and informational are used which allows us to set clear goals and write an effective program that sets you up for success.

Each training session is 45 minutes long. During this period of time, your coach will guide you through each phase of the workout from warm-up, to your targeted exercise routine, and finish with recovery protocols. Expect constant moderation, motivation, and education.

Behave Your Way To Authentic Health

Begin good habits now. Require more of yourself. Lift! Don’t slide into 2022 placing unrealistic expectations on yourself. No one ever magically transforms, you have to identify unproductive habits and replace them with productive behaviours.

You’re reading this because you don’t feel like the best version of yourself. Simply Contact Us to become your most authentic self. Remember 2022 as the year you made the best decision of your life!

Call us now on 03 9191 3199 or book your free consult online.