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Shed Winter by Shredding that Lockdown Body – New Member Offer


Take 50% Off Your Sessions In 2021 Now!

Melbourne, we are locked down no longer, and no longer will we make the excuses of the past. It’s time to shed those lockdown kilos and shred for that Summer bod. It’s in there, we know it and even better, we’ll help you get it.

Authentic Health Studio is ready to get you fit and fabulous for Summer!

For a Limited Time Only we are offering NEW MEMBERS a crushing discount on an 8-week Personal Training or Semi-Private Personal Training program.

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Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

Grab hold of this incredible, limited-time offer with both hands.

Sign up for 8 weeks of Personal Training or Semi-Private Personal Training at Authentic Health Studio and you will receive a 50% discount off the cost of each week you complete in 2021. Epic!

You don’t need to be a mathematician to know the sooner you begin, the sooner the health benefits kick in. And that discount packs more of a punch too.

At the conclusion of your 8-week training program, you are obligation-free and can stop at any time, provided you give us 2-weeks notification.

The Authentic Health Studio Promise

We begin your 8-week program with a comprehensive Discovery Session to establish where you are right now and what your fitness goals are.

A variety of assessment criteria, both physical and informational are used: we measure strength, flexibility, aerobic ability as well as the Functional Movement Screen, the Beighton Score, and a detailed questionnaire. This information allows us to set clear goals and write an effective program that sets you up for success over the 8 weeks.

Each training session is 45 minutes long. During this period of time, your coach will guide you through each phase of the workout from warm-up, to your targeted exercise routine, and finish with recovery protocols. Expect constant moderation, motivation, and education.

You’re reading this because you don’t feel the best version of yourself. We understand. Melbourne has the infamous reputation of being the most locked-down city in the world. But we’re coming out the other side now; better, stronger, and smarter than ever. Let’s translate those lessons and self-reflection into self-care and self-esteem. Authentic Health takes a holistic approach to health and we are here to support your fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing.

Lift Off

Begin good habits now. Require more of yourself. Lift! Don’t slide into the New Year placing unrealistic expectations on yourself. No one ever magically transforms, simply because the clock struck midnight. Cinderella is a fairy tale.

  1. Take the pressure off yourself now!
  2. Take the weight off yourself now!
  3. Take 50% off your sessions completed in 2021 now!

Sign up for 8 weeks of Personal Training or Semi-Private Personal Training with Authentic Health Studio and become your most authentic self.

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