Boxing is no longer the domain of muscle-bound men connecting punches for large belts and purses. Boxing classes or boxing fitness has pivoted outside the ring because of its proven health benefits for people of all ages.

Boxing is popular amongst all fitness levels because of its pure cardiovascular activity without the high impact of other exercises, such as running. There is no repetitive stress on joints, while still raising the heart rate, giving you a great full-body workout.

Authentic Health Essendon boxing classes will take you from complete novice through to throwing a series of professional combinations, resulting in increased coordination, posture, and balance as well as strength and endurance. 


Boxing’s Aerobic Advantage Minus The Impact

We’re all familiar with the advantages of aerobic exercise: raising your heart rate lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure. However, some activities that get the blood pumping also stress the hips, knees, and ankles.

The act of throwing a punch, changing your weight from leg to leg, ducking, and weaving, works several major muscle groups in your body, causing the heart to pump faster and oxygenate your blood. Boxing lessons, therefore, increase endurance, build muscles, and strengthen bones. All this translates into a better quality of life; powering you through daily activities such as walking, running after the kids, or carrying your groceries up the stairs.

And let’s not forget, aerobic exercise is a proven calorie burner, which reduces fat and elevates mood. The high intensity of boxing training turns your body into a fat burning machine, targeting subcutaneous fat, commonly known as belly fat.

Safe Space

Boxing fitness has entirely different objectives from those of professional boxers. It is designed to be safe and risk free.

The personal trainers at Authentic Health Studio have adapted professional boxing moves into a fitness boxing routine to maximise the benefits of the activity and eliminate the risk. No one is stepping in a ring, no one is connecting to anyone’s face or body, and protective gear is supplied to prevent impact or injury.

The focus is on the technique of swinging your arms and shoulders, being aware of your upper-body strength and posture, moving your feet, and the cognition required to make these decisions on the fly.

Swing and a HIIT

Chasing high intensity interval training (HIIT)? Boxing HIIT workouts go hand in glove.

Boxing requires explosive power bursts from a combination of moves. You will learn sweeping punches such as crosses and hooks, along with smaller moves such as jabs. You’ll need to duck sweeps thrown in your direction, change the position of your body and stay on your toes, literally and figuratively.

Boxing is not a repetitive activity like the treadmill; you are constantly moving, accelerating, balancing, defending, and strategising. You are engaging at every level. 

Benefits Of Small Group Boxing

Authentic Health coaches box to stay fit but there are a multitude of reasons to incorporate boxing fitness classes into your exercise routine.

  • Increased Metabolic Rate
  • Heart Health
  • Improved Endurance
  • Better Balance and Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Improved Motor Skills and Range of Motion
  • Low Impact
  • Enhanced Confidence and Mood

Don’t have a boxing partner? No drama (most newbies don’t.) We pride ourselves on our welcoming community, where you will meet everyone before being paired up with someone of a similar skill level. We will also provide gloves for those who don’t have their own.