3 Types Of Exercise To Improve Posture

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The Importance of Improving your Posture In today’s world with so many distractions from work, social media, electronics etc., we often forget about our body position while in front of our desks or sitting in office chairs for hours at a time without any break. (Sitting for too long has been shown to cause serious … Read more

Gym Workout For Beginners – 5 Realistic Fitness Goals

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New Year creates peak momentum to begin a health and fitness regime. Let’s capitalise on that energy and look at five necessary steps to realistic fitness goals for beginner workouts and setting yourself up for long-term success. The reason to begin a work program is because the benefits of regular physical activity are numerous, not … Read more

7 Reasons A Personal Trainer Will Get Better Results Over DIY

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In the information age, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to great workout videos, wellness resources and guidance on our fitness journey. Everything is at our fingertips: so why invest in a personal trainer over going it alone? Ironically, because everything is at our fingertips these days, access is not the struggle – … Read more

The Personal Training Studio vs Big Gym Debate

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Not everyone works out with the same goal in mind. Some people have clear objectives, such as completing a first marathon or fitting back into those high school jeans. Others have a routine down and enjoy the social aspect of a group dynamic. And some are overcoming personal issues and want to get those endorphins … Read more

Regress To Progress – Doing The Basics Well To Master The Gym.

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If you are in the gym, let me firstly say well done because the very fact you are in there shows you are committed to your health and fitness which is my motivation to help you make sure not only you achieve that health and fitness goal but you do it safely without increasing your … Read more

Five Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Training

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Why You Should Choose Personal Training? There is a saying from Sir Isaac Newton “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”. We believe there is a coach for everyone because by having a coach because you get to fast track your development and increase your chances of success. … Read more

Training Frequency

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The question of how much training and what do I need to do is a common question from both the novice general population client and the everyday athlete (intermediate-advanced gen pop). As is often the case when it comes to exercise and nutrition related questions the answer is it depends on your current condition and … Read more