The Top 5 Pros and Cons of Wearable Fitness Trackers

woman resting and looking at watch

Considered one of the leading wearable technologies, fitness trackers are used to improve your health, exercise more, and sleep better. By using exercise watches, you can monitor and record your heart rate, become aware of your peak activity period, see distance covered, and record how many calories you burn in a day. Fitness trackers are … Read more

3 Types Of Exercise To Improve Posture

man exercising

The Importance of Improving your Posture In today’s world with so many distractions from work, social media, electronics etc., we often forget about our body position while in front of our desks or sitting in office chairs for hours at a time without any break. (Sitting for too long has been shown to cause serious … Read more

Benefits of Fasting for Weight Loss

coffee, alarm clock and granola

Fasting has a raft of health benefits that go way beyond weight loss, however, not eating, even for a short period, seems counterintuitive in modern society. The obesity epidemic in Australia requires us to confront our relationship with 24/7 access to food. We all know our ancestors were hunter-gatherers; the idea of three meals a … Read more

Six Benefits Of Strength Training For Runners

woman running

Strength training or resistance training isn’t just for bodybuilders. Strength training is built around a simple concept: the more muscle you have, the more energy you have available to use. Often runners focus on improving cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Strength training for runners offers several benefits. By incorporating bodyweight exercises into a workout, not only … Read more

Gym Workout For Beginners – 5 Realistic Fitness Goals

man exercising at the gym

New Year creates peak momentum to begin a health and fitness regime. Let’s capitalise on that energy and look at five necessary steps to realistic fitness goals for beginner workouts and setting yourself up for long-term success. The reason to begin a work program is because the benefits of regular physical activity are numerous, not … Read more

Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

woman measuring herself

Belly fat is not typically a good news story. However, there is some good news if you want to lose that stomach fat which sits front and centre on your body. But it’s not some radical, extreme, quick fix solution. To transform your body you must also transform your mind. Extreme answers are not healthy … Read more

Focus On Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss

trainer helping woman at the gym

Weight loss is not the healthy approach if you need to burn excess energy, stored as fat, on your body. Weight loss and fat loss have become terms that we use interchangeably, however, technically they are not the same… and losing weight is counterproductive. We all say we want to lose weight when talking about … Read more

How Many Steps A Day Does It Take To Lose Weight?

mum with girl walking

This often asked question, “How many steps should I walk each day to lose weight?” has a very conventional answer if you are looking for something quick and simple. 10,000 steps. Studies have shown this is the recommended target for adults to see health benefits. However, if you want to lose weight that target will … Read more

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