Benefits of Fasting for Weight Loss

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Fasting has a raft of health benefits that go way beyond weight loss, however, not eating, even for a short period, seems counterintuitive in modern society. The obesity epidemic in Australia requires us to confront our relationship with 24/7 access to food. We all know our ancestors were hunter-gatherers; the idea of three meals a … Read more

The Truth About Weight loss Diets

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If losing weight was easy everyone would fit their ideal weight. In 2017 in Australia 67% of people were either overweight or obese. Even with the millions of weight loss diets available to us year on year our weight has gradually increased. Since the mid 90’s with the introduction of the internet we have had … Read more

4 Myths About Weight Loss

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When it comes to understanding weight loss we don’t blame you for finding it hard to separate myth from reality. The reality is, in the nutrition and training space one expert will tell you that the key to weight loss is one thing while another expert will tell you to do the complete opposite. So … Read more

Your 5 Biggest Questions About Weight Loss Answered.

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When it comes to exercising so many of us do it because we know it’s one of the best ways in which we can achieve weight loss. As a personal trainer with over 10 years experience and who has worked with predominantly weight loss focused clients we have heard just about every question there is … Read more

What Is The Best Way To Lose Body Fat

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If you’ve started an exercise program, one of the most important questions you might be thinking is: What is the best way to lose fat? For 8 out of 10 clients we work with, fat loss is one of the main reasons they visit us, with exercise and nutrition being the areas they need to … Read more

Weight & Fat Loss Guide

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The Fundamental Rule for Weight Loss When it comes to nutrition and in particular fat loss there is so much information out there it can be hard sometimes for even a trained professional to sort through and understand the facts from the ummm bullshit. Below I am going to help you understand the most important, … Read more