What To Expect From Authentic Health Studio

When you walk through the doors of Authentic Health you can expect to be greeted by people-centric personal trainers determined to see you reach your health and fitness goals.

We are not going to sell you a one-size-fits-all workout program; we believe in developing four foundational pillars that establish a thriving lifestyle: Movement, Mindset, Recovery, and Nutrition.

going to meet you where you are. We’ll discover your strengths and concerns, understand your triggers and design a results-driven workout program that shows progress, not perfection. We are not fad, we are fitness for life.

The Initial Consultation

To begin the process, it’s essential we go through an initial consultation where we can find out your current range of movement, stamina, eating habits, and general health. We understand this can be a little confronting, but getting an accurate representation of where you are at this very moment allows us to create an authentic fitness program that you can achieve and feel proud of.

At Authentic Health Studio, we currently use the world-renowned Functional Movement System (FMS) to assess your movement strengths and limitations, the Beighton Score for joint mobility; as well as tests for strength, flexibility, and aerobic ability.

From here, it is a great opportunity to sit down and find out more about you as a person and how you want your health, fitness and life to be different. A detailed questionnaire enables us to get a clear picture of your lifestyle and the changes you want to make.

This information allows us to present you with the best options available should you decide to allow us to help you with your health and fitness. We will detail clear goals and introduce routines that set you up for success over the coming weeks and months.

This is not a time where you will feel pushed or trapped into purchasing our program. It is essential for us to work with people who are ready and willing. We will, however, be able to answer any questions you might have around how we can help you become the best version of yourself.


The Onboarding Process

Should you wish to work with Authentic Health Studio, you will go through an onboarding process that enables you to get the best out of your time with us.

As a Personal Training client, you will be working 1:1 towards clear goals using an individualised program. We believe quality health and fitness is the foundation to a high functioning life and incorporate elements of strength, mobility, and cardiovascular training where needed while also educating you on the importance of good nutrition and recovery outside of the gym.

Semi-Private Personal Training offers all the benefits of personal training while working in a 4:1 group environment, where we can progress and regress your exercises as needed. You also get the value of a group dynamic.

Appointment-Only Facility

Once you are a part of the Authentic Health community, we don’t forget about you. We’re not just a gym where we collect your membership and say hello as you walk through the front door.

Authentic Health is an appointment-only facility which means you have a group of coaches specifically guiding you every step of the way. Whether you have been with us for four weeks or four years, our promise is to provide you with a supportive community of like-minded people.