Movement Monday – Bench Press

Man lifting weights

It feels like you can’t have a movement Monday without the bench press, after all they don’t call it international chest day on Monday in the commercial gyms for no reason 😉 The bench press is one of the biggest lifts for the upper due to the muscles you recruit and the amount of load … Read more

Movement Monday – Dead Bug

Core diagram

The deadbug is an excellent exercise for promoting total core stability while also improving contra-lateral limb engagement (Moving opposing limbs at the same time while keeping your core stable and your back protected). This is not only important for athletes such as tennis players and soccer players, but for everyone.  Catching keys that have been … Read more

Movement Monday – Lat Pulldown

This week for ‘Movement Monday’ Authentic Health Coach Madeleine breaks down one of the more common movements in the gym the Lat Pulldown. What Are Our Lats & Why Should We Strengthen Them? our lats are your biggest upper body/back muscle. The origin and insertion points of the latissimus dorsi can be seen here. Posterior … Read more

Movement Monday – Front Squat

woman lifting

“This week for ‘Movement Monday the day we break down the details of a specific lift we are bringing you the front squat. As with all barbell exercises this one requires some time and attention working on the technique. Its often under-utilised in your commercial gyms predominately because it requires leaving the ego at the … Read more

Movement Monday – Pull Up

A pull-up is one of those exercises almost all people measure their success by. People getting started in the gym often set the goal of ‘I would love to be able to do a pull-up’. Why? Because people understand the challenges involved, there is something super empowering about being able to do strict pull-up’s. So … Read more

Movement Monday – Deficit Split Squat

In week 2 of Movement Monday we have the unilateral exercise the deficit split squat. The Deficit Split squat in a moderate to advanced movement for when you have mastered exercises like the stationary split squat and reverse lunge and looking to challenge yourself with regards to your mobility and stability during lower body unilateral … Read more