4 Myths About Weight Loss

woman before and after weight loss

When it comes to understanding weight loss we don’t blame you for finding it hard to separate myth from reality. The reality is, in the nutrition and training space one expert will tell you that the key to weight loss is one thing while another expert will tell you to do the complete opposite. So … Read more

How To Get Started With Strength Training In 5 Simple Steps

woman smiling while performing a squat exercise with weight

Successful businesses have KPI’s, they plan. If you have children you know the importance of being organised. When it comes to starting out with any form of training it’s important we take this same approach if we want to stay healthy and achieve great results. Strength training is an important component to every person’s exercise … Read more

Return To Running – A Step by Step Guide

woman running on the road

Often people like to belong to one camp or the other; strength or cardio. Strength focused humans often speak of their disdain for any form of cardiovascular exercise (let alone running) and runners are less convinced, even scared, that performing strength training has any benefit for them. While this article isn’t here to convince you … Read more

5 Exercises To Assist In Releasing Tight Muscles.

When it comes to looking after our body their are many different approaches people take but one that is commonly avoided is stretching. While there is science to support that stretching can be detrimental before working out we are firm believers that stretching muscles post workout is extremely beneficial especially as we age. Pre workout … Read more

Movement Monday – Bench Press

Man lifting weights

It feels like you can’t have a movement Monday without the bench press, after all they don’t call it international chest day on Monday in the commercial gyms for no reason 😉 The bench press is one of the biggest lifts for the upper due to the muscles you recruit and the amount of load … Read more

Movement Monday – Dead Bug

Core diagram

The deadbug is an excellent exercise for promoting total core stability while also improving contra-lateral limb engagement (Moving opposing limbs at the same time while keeping your core stable and your back protected). This is not only important for athletes such as tennis players and soccer players, but for everyone.  Catching keys that have been … Read more